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Sherston Footpath Group

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Sherston Walks and Village Guide

Sherston Walks guide
A number of years ago the Sherston Footpath Group, which is a subcommittee of Sherston Parish Council, produced a new guide to local footpaths. Hundreds of hours of volunteer time went into this work which resulted in the publication of the guide. Not only does the guide include nine individual 4 page circular walks in shower proof seals but also a fascinating introduction to the parish and a trail around the village with its fine and interesting buildings. The walks are not confined to Sherston parish but also venture into Easton Grey, Luckington, and Sopworth as well as over the border to Didmarton. 
In order to encourage as many residents and visitors as possible to enjoy the beautiful countryside surrounding Sherston the illustrated full colour guide has been priced by the parish council at cost – a very reasonable ¬£9.00. Copies are available from the Rattlebone Inn, Malmesbury and Tetbury Tourist Information Centres as well as the Yellow Lighted Bookshop in Tetbury. Copies can also be purchased by post from the parish clerk: Donna Ford at 33 Hatherley, Yate , Bristol, BS37 4LT for ¬£10.50 including P& P. Cheques should please be made payable to Sherston Parish Council. Thanks are also to Wiltshire Council for kindly providing valuable assistance with OS map reproduction. As it is more than 25 years since the parish council last produced such a publication, it is hoped that the guide will be popular; it will make an excellent present for those with an interest in the area. 

Footpath Problem Reporting

Public Rights of way in Sherston
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If you find a problem on any of the parish footpaths, we would like to know about it. The Sherston Footpaths group has its own working party and can liaise with landowners and Wiltshire County Council to resolve footpath problems. Our goal is that every footpath in the parish should be navigable and pleasant to use.
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Public Rights of way in Sherston

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